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Ball (2mm) Stud


14KY Ball (2mm) Stud


1 single (not a pair) 2mm Ball stud with Labret in 14KY Solid Gold! ♕

Threadless End with 18g Labret. The threadless (smooth) pin fits inside the hollow tube of the labret and the two pieces stay together through tension. You may bend the pin for a tighter fit.   This system is also called “Press-Fit” and is preferred by most body piercers.

Item Details:

-Type of End: Ball
-Number of Studs: 1 (not a pair)
-Size of End: 2x2mm
-Gauge of Labret: 18 gauge (1mm)
-Size of Labret Disk: 2.5mm
-Finish on Stud: Polished
-Gold Karat: 14K Solid Gold
-Color: Yellow

☆ Please choose the length of your labret, which is your post: ☆

The length of your post will vary depending upon the location of your piercing. However most people take a 6mm length post for their ears.

-Regular Ear: 6mm
-Thick ears: Regular +1mm,+1.5mm
-Thin ears: Regular -1mm, -2mm, -3mm


☞ Made to Order! Please allow approximately 3-4 weeks to complete!

Additional information

Post Length

3mm, 4mm, 5mm (3/16"), 6mm (1/4"), 7mm (9/32"), 8mm (11/32"), 9mm (3/8"), 10mm, 11mm (7/16"), 12mm, 13mm (1/2")


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