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Bee with Honeycomb Ring


14KY Bee with Honeycomb Ring


Bee with Yellow Sapphire Honeycomb Ring in 14K Solid Gold! ♕

Item Details:

-Type of Ring: Bee with Honeycomb
-Number of Rings: 1 (not a pair)
-Type of Gem: Genuine Yellow Sapphire, Faceted Round
-Quality of Gem: AAA
-Size of Gem: 2.5mm
-Quantity of Gems, Each Ring: 1
-Finish on Ring: Polished
-Gold Karat: 14K Solid Gold
-Color: Yellow


☞ Made to Order! Please allow approximately 4-6 weeks to complete!

Additional information

Seam Ring Size

8mm (5/16"), 9.5mm (3/8")

Seam Ring Gauge

14g (1.6mm), 16g (1.3mm), 18g (1mm)

Ear Side

Left Ear, Right Ear


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